In today’s competitive market, individuals who possess essential business and technological skill enjoy a significant advantage over their peers. This is particularly true if your expertise includes SAP software. The SAP Security program provides that competitive edge. When you are SAP certified, you join a distinguished community of experts recognised globally. Today more than 14,000 consultants and users worldwide are part of this exclusive community.

Course Overview

who is it for?

  • This course is aimed at Project Managers, Project Team Members and People with organisational responsibilities
  • The course is also suitable for customers who are still using an SAP R/3 version of the component


  • SAPTEC Fundamentals of SAP Web AS
  • SAP01 SAP Overview

what will you learn?

  • Introduction
  • Elements of the SAP authorisation concept
  • User master record
  • Using the Profile Generator (roles, composite roles, reference roles, derived roles, Customising roles)
  • Profile Generator: installations and upgrades
  • Access control and user administration (password rules, special users, user and authorisation administration)
  • Analysis and monitoring functions
  • Special authorisation components, use of area menus
  • Transport of authorisation components
  • Central User Administration (CUA) Integration with organisational management, with reference to an example (without structural authorisation in HR)
  • Introduction and overview
  • Configuring and using the SAP Audit Information System
  • Configuring and using the auditing, logging, and tracing tools provided by SA
  • Overview SAP GRC Access Control (former Virsa Suite)
  • Control and protect access to transactions, tables and programs
  • Configuring secure role and authorisation maintenance
  • SAP Security Optimisation Service (SSO)
  • Securing the change management process
  • Secure system administration
  • Critical authorisations, authorisation combinations, and authorisation groups

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