SAP BPC is a tool for doing business planning and consolidation. Currently, BPC is the only tool offered by SAP for doing business planning. A lot of FTSE 100 companies are going for BPC implementation and in the near future, the requirement is expected to increase.

BPC is one of the niche areas in the market right now.

Course Overview

what will you learn?

  • What are SAP business planning and consolidation?
  • Architecture and terminology
  • Creating an application set
  • Creating dimensions and properties
  • Creating applications and applying dimensions
  • Loading and validating data
  • Working with BPC for Excel
  • Content library
  • Live reporting
  • Working with BPC for word and BPC for PowerPoint
  • Security setup
  • Work status
  • Creating business process flows
  • Enabling BPC Audit
  • Case study
  • Creating input and report templates
  • Creating trend and multi-application reports
  • Conditional formatting
  • Creating expansions and drill downs
  • Working with the control panel
  • Filtering in reports
  • Workbook options
  • Custom suppression
  • Adding indentation reports
  • Advanced expansions
  • Hot analysis
  • Creating custom buttons
  • Creating dynamic range exchange reports and schedules
  • Budgeting system implementation overview
  • Seeding the budget
  • Defining modelling requirements
  • Defining and creating budget input templates
  • Creating and developing budgeting business process flows
  • Foreign currency translation
  • Inter-company eliminations
  • BPC journals
  • More emphasis on configuration end-user training provided by SAP
  • How to use macros in BPC reports
  • Custom menu with BPC macros
  • Introduction to BI/BW Architecture data modelling and reporting
  • Comparison of SAP BI to SAP BPC terminology and technology
  • Pet project

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