SAP BI and your career

Using the SAP Business Intelligence Module

SAP has become an industry leading solution largely due to its flexibility. With a wide array of modules on offer, SAP can be used for everything from project management through to basic accountancy.

Perhaps amongst the most important of these modules is the Business Intelligence tool. Commonly referred to as BI, this particular module is designed to help your company make good business decisions.

Collective company knowledge

The BI module is essentially a store of all of the important information relating to the company and the aim is to make this data easily navigable so that it can be queried quickly and efficiently. This allows for proper deployment of relevant company information to the sectors where that information is most needed.

Streamlining such processes saves the business a large amount of time, specifically when it comes to the work hours that would otherwise have been spent sorting through and compiling the data. The initial investment for the system pays off in the long term, especially if you have a SAP qualified consultant who can guide you through the most important processes.

Speed and Efficiency

While there will always be a period of adjustment when implementing a new system, with proper training your staff can take full advantage of these streamlined procedures. The more people you have on staff who can properly manipulate the data held in the BI module, the faster your business will receive critical information that can be analysed and used to determine current and future policy.

Information is one of the most important tools that a business has at its disposal. Not only does it allow them to determine policies, it also provides valuable insight into the state of the consumer market and the reaction of potential customers to the company’s product. In short it is a commodity, however without the proper context that information may be misinterpreted or important aspects may be missed entirely.


As well as allowing the user to query the data pool, the Business Intelligence module is also ideal for creating reports that expand on all of the relevant data points and can be as detailed as you need them to be. This ensures that all of the relevant information held within the system is delivered and allows the user to identify any areas of weakness where their queries are perhaps not producing the results that they were looking for.

Reporting is wholly vital to the successful operation of any business and a good report acts as a culmination of efforts in regards to gathering information and finding the best way to utilise it. The SAP Business Intelligence module is custom-built to create effective reports that allow the user to properly manage the information the company has.

As with any new system, SAP BI will require an adjustment period while staff are learning about the many ways in which it can make business processes easier, often with the help of a SAP Business Intelligence course to show them how to really make the most out of the system. Once your team is properly qualified your company will reap the benefits of having a more accessible information store. Wizcore offers SAP course in BI on weekends and weekdays.