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Project Training

When it comes to working on an SAP Project you need to do it through the right methodology. Remember a disciplined, methodical approach to SAP implementation isn’t optional. It’s a requirement for success in the complex world of enterprise technology. At Career Dragons, our SAP consultants will work with you to implement SAP centric enterprise solutions which is very closely aligned with SAP AG Accelerated SAP (ASAP) methodology.

Our SAP senior architects and consultants team work with the students on milestone based approach driving work products under different phases covering different activities. A full life cycle project has mainly 5 phases and each phase needs a learning of at least a month of activities to understand the relevant methodologies involved , there is no shortcut in project learning.

Project Phases you will be trained on

  • Requirement Gathering Phase

    In this phase you evaluate the client’s business requirements for implementing SAP and to recommend the best implementation and roll out strategy.

  • Blueprint Phase

    In this phase, the Project team uses the Project Charter from the Project Preparation Phase as a framework, and examines how the client intends to use the SAP Reference Model to run its business.

  • Realisation Phase

    In the Realisation Phase, the Project team transforms the business requirements defined in the Business Blueprint Phase into an SAP system through configuration and customisation..

  • Integration Testing Phase

    This phase confirms solution designed, configured and customised is working efficiently or not. It includes resolving all crucial open issues through end to end testing.

  • Project Prep and Cutover Phase

    This phase ensures that the client organisation is set to operate business in the SAP production system. This includes resolving all crucial open issues, testing, end user training, System Management, and Cut Over activities.