New Dimension Modules

SAP aspirants look at embarking on a long and successful career using SAP technologies and solutions. This is only possible if you focus on the area where you are most interested, obtain relevant training, and seek experience. When you join an SAP project, you’ll find a mix of consultants with different skills and experiences.

There are hundreds of different learnings within SAP and you should choose the right one for yourself.  We at Wizcore do not attempt to generate false hopes and show promising pictures.  Once you have done your SAP training, your education in the world of SAP has just started and not complete enough to take a job.

SAP Trainers at Wizcore have more than 12 years of SAP experience on an average and we go through with different kind of SAP trainings all the time to keep us up to date.

We at Wizcore do not want our learners to rest on completion of course until at least they find their first job. SAP is so vast, and continuously adds new modules, releases, and like any other product launches new upgrades. We will teach you on new modules and encourage joining the project learning program after the learning. Some of the new modules we teach are

 ·       SAP APO – DP and SNP

 SAP Advanced Planner and Optimizer is a planning tool used to plan and optimize supply chain processes and covers Demand Planning, Supply Network Planning, Production Planning and Detailed Scheduling, Global Available to Promise and Transportation management & vehicle Scheduling or Transportation Planning & Vehicle Scheduling. The skills on APO are rarely found and the demand is quite high on SAP APO DP and SNP

·       SAP Demand Planning

APO Demand Planning will teach you on set of functionalities around Demand Management, Statistical Forecasting, Promotion and Life-cycle Planning processes. It is an integral part of any organization’s Sales & Operations Planning Process.

Supply Network Planning (SNP) -SNP will teach you on aggregated Production & Distribution Planning in the supply chain area. It uses tools like Optimizer, Heuristics, Capable-To-Match (CTM) and Deployment for planning the production & distribution.

·       SAP HANA

SAP HANA combines database, data processing, and application platform capabilities in-memory. The

Platform provides libraries for predictive, planning, text processing, spatial, and business analytics. An excellent module to learn for technical consultants thinking to start their career in SAP

·       SAP Mobility

We specialise in training on SAP Enterprise Mobility specially Syclo. Learn to build SAP Mobile Solutions and build interface with SAP backend system and handheld devices.

 ·       SAP EWM

It is another module where consultants are not easily available in the market. It is generally suitable for people who are from logistics background or already know WM module. EWM offers you flexible, automated support with processing various goods movement and managing stock in your warehouse. The system supports you with planned and efficient processing of all logistics processes in your warehouse complex. You can use SAP EWM, to control and optimize processes through, for example:

Notification of any changed data before goods receipt from the SAP EWM to the ERP system