SAP Sales and Distribution Certification Course Training UK

SAP training holds the key to professional competence in the dynamic business environment today. We have designed our sales and distribution certificationcourse for people who are willing to take their career to the next pedestal. Our SAP sales and distribution (SD) course is a part of the logistics module. It trains the professionals with the skills that an organization needs to integrate with its customers. On completing the course, one will be able to master all the abilities required to deliver the needful in the challenging professional circuit.

Course Overview

who is it for?

With the IT industry penetrating into other business zones, it is necessary for professionals to keep themselves abreast with the latest SAP knowledge. Our SAP sales and distribution certification course will benefit a large number of individuals. Particularly, the SAP end users and aspiring CRM and SAP SD consultants will benefit from these course materials. Over the years, we have been shaping the career of aspiring candidates with the latest course materials. If you are working in the IT industry as a business analyst, the course is apt for you. Besides, people working in project management teams can also gain valuable insights in the industry from our SAP sales and distribution certification course. Apart from this, we have also considered the needs of sales and marketing professionals while developing the course materials.


  • A general understanding of sales terms
  • Knowledge of Sales Processes

what will you learn?

The module has been segmented into a number of parts, each dealing with a relevant set of skills. On completing the course, students will come to know about the following aspects.

  • SAP Sales and Distribution:

    This part deals with organizational data and SD master data structure. The chapters include a deep insight into customer material information records, customer and material master and other relevant aspects required in running a contemporary business.

  • Knowledge about sales documents:

    This segment has been crafted in such a way, that the professionals come to learn about the different types of documents and item categories. You will also learn about copy control, ROM, service and maintenance processes. The module also makes the learners well-versed with order, quotation and contract process and the consignment and return mechanisms.

  • Delivering and invoicing:

    This module encompasses a number of areas, including listing of materials and exclusion, delivery document types and determination of the shipping point. Besides, candidates will come to learn about checking availability of products and categories of delivery team. Other areas of learning delivered through this module include invoicing and billing process, packing, route determination and inter-company business process.

Evidently, the module encompasses a wide range of aspects, ranging from shipping, sales and billing of the services and products. On the other hand, SAP CRM (Customer Relationship Management) helps to address the short-term needs of a company and minimize costs. Besides, it enables business firms achieve distinguished capabilities to effectively compete in the future. We have designed the course materials carefully, aligning them seamlessly with the industry. You can count on us and brace up for a happening and eventful career.

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