SAP Production Planning( SAP PP )


SAP Production Planning is a vital part of the logistics function in SAP and it is integrated with other modules such as Materials Management (MM) and Plant Maintenance (PM). Every business that runs a manufacturing operation will need some kid of tool to run their production planning processes to ensure that finished goods can be timely manufactured and meet sales order requirements. Product planning encompasses the functions that are used to plan the introduction, sale and manufacture of items.

Course Overview

Who is it for ?

  • SAP End users
  • IT/Business analysts
  • Project team members
  • Aspiring SAP PP Consultants

Pre Requisites

  • A general understanding of logistics terms
  • Knowledge of Production Processes

What will you learn ?

1. SAP Overview

  • my SAP Business Suite
  • PP Overview

2. Master Data

  • Organizational Overview
  • Material Master
  • Bills of Material
  • Work center
  • Routings

3. Sales and Operations Planning

  • Sales Operations Planning
  • Basics
  • Standard SOP
  • Flexible Planning

4. Demand Management

  • Overview of Demand
  • Management
  • Make to Stock versus Make to Order
  • Make to Stock Planning Strategies
  • Make to Order Planning Strategies
  • Settings and Customizing

5. Material Requirement Planning (MRP)

  • Concept of Material

6. Requirements Planning

  • Technical process of the MRP run
  • Prerequisites for Running MRP
  • Methods for Executing planning run
  • Factors influencing the MRP run
  • Stock requirements list and MRP list
  • Analyzing MRP results

7. Production Orders Execution

  • Production Order Creation
  • Availability Check
  • Production Order Release
  • Capacity Planning
  • Scheduling
  • Production Order Printing
  • Goods Issue of components
  • Confirmations
  • Goods Receipt
  • Product Costing & Settlement

8. Repetitive Manufacturing

  • Master Data
  • Planning (line loading)
  • Material Staging
  • Back flush and Receipts
  • Evaluations