SAP Agentry Essentials (MOB310) ( SAP Mobility )


SAP Mobility – Agentry Essentials (MOB310) course focuses to learn how to design and build mobile applications using SAP Agentry mobile platform, Work Manager and Inventory Manager consisting of development tools, a runtime platform and prebuilt standard applications interfacing with SAP and other backend systems SAP Mobility.

Course Overview

Who is it for ?

  • Mobile Application Architects
  • Consultants
  • Application Developers

Pre Requisites

  • MOB300: SAP Agentry Essentials
  • BC400 ABAP Workbench Foundations
  • BC401 ABAP Objects
  • Expert level understanding and practical experience in object- oriented development and design
  • SAP ABAP programming experience
  • Knowledge of JAVA

What will you learn ?

  • SAP ECC Overview
  • Install Agentry Server and Editor
  • Set up the java Environment and JCo
  • Configure Agentry ini files, etc…
  • Basic Connectivity Test
  • Functionality Acceptance Test
  • Exchange Process Demonstration: Exchange layer concepts & Features (such as exchange table, handler, field selection, filter rules)
  • Advanced Modification / Configuration: Add New and Complex Data Tables, Modify Transactions, Add New Data Objects, Add New Exchange Objects, Upstream Transactions
  • Eclipse JAVA Best Practices
  • Trouble Shooting Techniques: JAVA Debugger, JMAP, Lessons Learned, Standards, General Staging
  • Advanced Agentry Configuration: Advanced Rules, Branding
  • SAP Exchange Process and SMART: Architecture, Intro to the Add-On Component, Exchange process functionality, Filtering, SE37 Field Changes
  • SE 37 Logging
  • Hands-on Exercises creating Exchanges, Modifying Complex Tables, Transactions, and Fetches
  • Transmit Configurations
  • Pushes
  • Remote Objects
  • Local Exchange table/key mappings

Lessons Learned from Implementation