Cutover Activities in SAP Project Implementation


Exact timing and successful execution of Cutover Plan Activities is crucial during the Cutover Phase Plan in an SAP Implementation Project. Through Career Dragons, learn to prepare and execute the cutover by creating a cutover plan, writing of data migration scripts through LSMW and describe all cutover tasks that need to be performed before the actual go-live. The cutover training will give an opportunity to the trainees a chance to practice and become expert with each data related activity. The results of learning will be documented and reviewed with the cutover training team for lessons learned. This document will be an example document produced to the client during the SAP project Implementation.

Course Overview

Who is it for ?

  • SAP Functional Consultants
  • Data Analysts

Pre Requisites

  • A general understanding of SAP Tables
  • SAP Functional knowledge
  • MS Excel and MS Office
  • Understanding of SAP Master and Transaction Data

What will you learn ?

Learn the process and steps to be aware of while creating the cutover plan and cutover activity sheets. The dedicated trainer will guide you through all the activities for this phase. As each activity is completed, the aforementioned Cutover Activity Sheet is signed by the executor of that activity and turned into the project management function before any dependant activity can be started.

Training into different Areas of the Cutover Phase Training covers

  • Freezing and releasing of legacy data
  • Exportation of legacy data into the conversion database input layer
  • Understanding of Master and Transaction Data
  • Writing the Data Migration Load programs through LSMW
  • Transposition of legacy data into the conversion database
  • Reconciliation of the production data to the Conversion Database
  • Copy converted data to different SAP System Landscapes
  • Manual conversion of non-converted accounts

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